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Name:Pandora's Box Mods
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Pandora's Box

Curiosity is a funny thing. It can kill a cat, ruin a life, or cause you to make a mistake that will change everything. If curiosity had a tangible form, one might suggest that form would be a box; metallic purple in color, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and completely undecorated save for an alien symbol on the latch. If curiosity had a time and place, it would be right here, this very moment. Whether you were just waking up, going about your daily routine, breathing your dying breath, or in the middle of a heated battle; it doesn't matter. The box was there, calling to you, begging you to open it up and discover its secrets.

And predictably, your mistake was doing just that.

"It's not your fault", the creature in the strange mask assures you in a monotonous tone as the bright light fades and up stops being down while pain stops being bliss, "it's in the nature of the living to be curious." The creature welcomes you to Pandora, City of Curiosities. In Pandora, nothing stays as it seems for long. You see, Pandora is but a prototype for the Utopia they hope to create for their Goddess and their people. You've been invited to help them discover the depths of depravity, the height of salvation, and everything in between. If you have a desire, no matter how filthy, no matter how pure, they can help you discover it in Pandora. After all, the creature claims, reality is a web of choices, and yours is a splinter not needed to keep the wheel of time going.

In other words? You'll make a great guinea pig, because you are expendable.

Reserves and applications are always open!

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